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Alexandra Remick

Alexandra Remick is a member of the Advertising and Consumer Protection Group. Her practice focuses on regulatory and compliance matters related to consumer protection. She has experience advising clients on topics including endorsements, social media influencers, native advertising, automatically renewing subscriptions, consumer reviews, and claim substantiation in a variety of contexts. She frequently provides advice on specific advertising compliance questions and works with companies on developing internal advertising compliance policies. She has also represented multiple clients in FTC investigations involving consumer protection issues, has conducted regulatory due diligence on multiple transactions, and has drafted comments on multiple rulemakings.

On May 23, 2023, the FTC hosted a public workshop on recyclable claims called “Talking Trash at the FTC: Recyclable Claims and the Green Guides.”  The FTC convened the workshop in connection with its ongoing review of the Green Guides.  The workshop included three panels of stakeholders discussing a variety of issues relating to the current state of recycling claims, consumer perception of such claims, and how the FTC should consider updating its guidance.Continue Reading FTC Solicits Diverse Perspectives during Workshop on Recyclable Claims

On December 14, 2022, during an open Commission meeting, the Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to issue a Federal Register notice requesting comments on the efficacy of the Green Guides.  The initial request for comments seeks input on whether to retain, modify, or rescind the Guides.  The notice was published in late December, marking the beginning of a 60-day comment period that ends on February 21, 2023.Continue Reading FTC Launches Green Guides Review, 60-day Comment Period Closes February 2023