FERC has opened a proceeding regarding the shift from non-electric to electric sources of energy at the point of final consumption, such as to fuel vehicles and to provide heating and cooling, including process heat at industrial facilities. To that end, FERC announced an April 29, 2021 conference “to initiate a dialog between Commissioners and stakeholders on how to prepare for an increasingly electrified future.”

While discussion at the conference could be fairly wide-ranging, it will likely focus on the impact of electrification on grid investment and operation and on wholesale electricity markets.  FERC’s notice for the conference lists the following general topics:

  • Projections, drivers, and risks of electrification in the United States.
  • How electrification may influence or necessitate additional transmission and generation infrastructure.
  • Whether and how newly electrified sources of energy demand (e.g., electric vehicles, smart thermostats, etc.) could provide grid services and enhance reliability.
  • The role of state and federal coordination as electrification advances.

The conference will be Commissioner-led and held electronically.  More information on the conference will be announced by FERC in a supplemental notice.