On March 19, 2014, the California Energy Commission, the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency, announced that it was initiating a regulatory process leading to the regulation of 15 categories of consumer appliances as to usage of electricity, natural gas, and water.  This comes in part in response to the three-year drought period in California, which has reduced hydroelectric production of electricity.

The Commission provided the following schedule with expected release dates of draft regulations for several categories of products:

Faucets, Toilets, Urinals April 2014
Air Filters, Dimming Ballasts April 2014
LED lamps, MR lamps May 2014
Pool Pump motors, Portable electric spas August 2014
Computers, Monitors, and Displays November 2014
Network Equipment February 2015
Game Consoles February 2015
Commercial Clothes Dryers February 2015


The Commission noted that interested stakeholders will be provided with a public comment period to respond to the draft proposals.  In addition, a public workshop will be provided as a forum to discuss the proposals in person.

The Appliance Efficiency Regulations were last updated in 2012, and at that time included standards for 23 categories of federally regulated and non-federally regulated appliances.  The standards apply to appliances that are sold or offered for sale in California, except those sold wholesale in California for final retail sale outside the state and those designed and sold exclusively for use in recreational vehicles or other mobile equipment.